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Your father disappeared years ago, you had begun to think he was dead, until one day, they found something... coordinates.

This page represents the GAMEJAM version of Galactic Gunsmith. We are currently developing a full version with almost every system redone from the ground up or improved greatly.
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Galactic Gunsmith is, naturally, a gun-crafting RPG where you explore three varied planets in search of your missing father. You will fight enemies, level up skills, smith guns, and travel to distant worlds in search of adventure.



You are a Gunsmith, you craft guns from their component parts. You've got your receivers and barrels, which effect the base stats of your gun. Everything from a rapid fire crossbow to a heavy sniper blunderbuss, there are over 80+ combinations of weapons to choose and improve from.

Fight Varied Enemies:

Everything from Leaf Mimics on the planet of Tempus Reli to the Ice Bandits of Nevir, there are several enemies with unique attack patterns that provide an interesting challenge.

Travel and Explore Unique Planets:

The game currently has three planets to explore. There are resources to collect, enemies to kill, and secrets to discover. 

RPG Mechanics:

As you defeat enemies you level up and are able to put your skill points into a multitude of skills that allow you to upgrade things like health, your ability to dodge, and the accuracy of your weapons.


Galactic Gunsmith V4.zip (Post Jam version) 97 MB
Galactic Gunsmith V3.zip (Jam version) 89 MB
Galactic Gunsmith V4.zip ( Ubuntu ) 98 MB

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Everything about this game... blows my freaking mind. Like honestly, it is titles like this that Nintendo needs to sponsor and get put on the Switch and other systems. This deserves to be a worldwide beloved title.

Wow, thankyou! After jamcraft 2 we decided we wanted to take this game to the next level, please check this dev update:



How'd you get the trees to work? This games awesome!