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Welcome To My Little Lovecraftian Horror

Do you feel an empty void in your life?  The kind of void that can only be filled by a pet? Well we've got you covered. In this game, you manage, feed, and help grow a little eldritch abomination of your own.

By day, feed on the mere mortals and consume their flesh for sustenance. Then, by night, send your acolaydes out into the streets to recruit more people to your cause!

Buy furniture, give your abomination a steak, feed and consume him and he will reward you with h̗̟͉̬͕̩̣͝i̟͓̫̲s̴̱̻ ̞̘͙̯͞gratitude.

Install instructions

unzip the folder and enjoy


Source v6 25 MB
My Little Lovecraftian Horror game v6 13 MB


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WOW! Great concept. Best virtual pet ever!