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Welcome to Rockwell County!

Your sister sent a letter telling you she was sick and was probably not gonna make it through the rest of the summer. You decide to drive cross country to visit her before she passes. Things go awry when your car breaks down, leaving you stranded in the strange town of Rockwell. By day, everything seems okay, but there's something not quite right about the towns-folk, it's best if you get your car fixed and leave as soon as possible.



By day, walk around the town and do errands for various citizens, but by night, they come out. You're best not to be caught in the dark without some kind of protection.  


Use various weapons to solve your problems with a bit of force. This game offers up 5 different kinds of weapons throughout the world in order to defend your self from the eldritch horrors that befall the town in the darkness.


Learn more about the town of Rockwell and it's storied history of a cult that has run the town for over a century. Explore the town, uncover secrets, and do your best to survive as you figure out more of the mystery going on here. 



Joshua Wilson - https://twitter.com/StaticLoFi

Aaron "Avis" Vaness - https://twitter.com/agentavis?lang=en


Aaron "Avis" Vaness


Stevo - https://soundcloud.com/itssteveblum/

Boss Track: William_William_S - https://soundcloud.com/william_william_s

Sound Effects:

InspectorJ and mikaelfernstrom from freesound.org

FIX IS IN THE WORKS! If you can't find the farm, go directly left of the town, and press E at the end of the road!

If you have any questions, want to see more by us, or just want to chat, you can find us at our official discord server!


RockwellCountyBlackout (Jam version) 58 MB
RockWell County: Blackout Version 4 58 MB

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Here's my gameplay critique for Rockwell! :D

The video on Zixels will go up tomorrow, and a new video will keep coming up everyday this year!


This entry captured the middle-of-nowhere atmosphere really well. It made me feel unsafe and far from home. I think that speaks a lot to the music and visuals. The town felt alive and populated with some well-done characters.


Super fun game! The game play is super addictive and the story-line is great too. The music and sound worked really well with the game and the game itself was at a nice level of difficulty. Couple of bugs I spotted, I was able to pick up the ledger at the farmhouse twice (I went back there hoping for more demon heads) and there were times where my hearts didn't change even after I was hit. Overall, an amazing game, I'd say my favourite in the jam because it feels so polished and is just an enjoyable experience from start to end.

Good find with the ledger thing! Will fix in an update. thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed!